What To Eat To Build Muscle and Lose Belly Fat

by Lee Cork

What Should You Eat To Lose Fat and Build Muscle?

The best advice I can give you on food is very, very simple. Cook your meals in advance.

If you don’t like to cook, then too bad. You know. It’s okay. I don’t like to cook either.

I don’t cook much at all. But you can still spend just one day a week cooking.

And don’t spend than more than two hours.

If you get it right you can actually get it done a lot faster than two hours.

All you have to do is keep your cooking very simple.

Every meal needs to have protein, carbs, and veggies.

Your protein shouldn’t take really more than 20 minutes to cook.

Your whole week’s of protein. Why? You know, there’s fast ways to cook protein. I’m gonna give you an Example.

I like to use Foreman grills. Why? Because they have two cooking surfaces. georgeforemangrillweightloss

One on the top, one on the bottom.

I literally just grab the meats, I spread them out, I season everything, throw it on the Foreman grills and close them.

That’s it. I mean it’s, you know, it doesn’t take a chef to know hoe to do any of that.

I’m not a chef. I actually suck at cooking. But that’s the way I do it and it gets done really quick.

The carbs, I eat brown rice because it’s really simple.

You know, I just put water, rice, press one button on the rice cooker and that’s it.

How hard is that. Right.

Vegetable. I got so lazy now I don’t even cook my vegetables anymore.

You know what I do? I just go to the store and I just grab those bags that are already pre-cut and then I just put them raw into the tupperwares.

So this way, whenever you heat the tupperwares up in the microwave for like two minutes, the vegetables get cooked already through the (ph)seam. And that’s it. So it’s so simple.

Literally you can knock out all of your cooking for your whole entire week within two hours. What I recommend is starting off with about 20 meals to start with.

Okay. If you haven’t done this yet, it’s gonna be really hard getting used to eating out of containers. You know.

I’ve been doing it for over a decade now. So try doing that. Start off with about 20 meals.

It’ll take you UNDER two hours.

Knock it out really quick and you’ll be done.

If you follow those three things, you’re gonna lose your belly fat. I promise you.

So here’s the wrap up on it.

  • Number one. Willpower.

If you don’t have willpower none of this stuff, none of the advice would even matter because you’re not gonna be able to stick to it because all obstacles are gonna get in your way and you’re gonna stop every time.

Check out that book, The Willpower Instinct by kelly McGonigal. You can find it on Amazon or Audible.com.

  • Second thing. Build muscle. Remember. Muscle burns belly fat.

Okay. Your abs aren’t the ones doing much of the burning. Everything else is.

Build muscle.

Make sure to go ahead and do your workouts and follow these tips on the workouts.

  • Number three. Cook your meals in advance.

That’s the only way you can really stick to a good diet and it also helps to stick to a good diet when you have your food already prepped.

And also, it’s a whole new way to stick to a good diet and it also saves you money at the same time. Okay. Cook your meals. You don’t need to take long to cook it.

It should be maximum two hours.

Those three things are gonna make sure you lose your belly fat, you stay in great shape and you never will gain a gut ever again. Okay. I hope those steps help you out.

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