What is muscle pump?

by Lee Cork

What is muscle pump?..and What is the best Muscle Pump Supplement?

Well, besides driving important nutrients into your muscles and helping with recovery for growth…

Muscle Pump makes you look absolutely JACKED!

But surprisingly not many people actually feel a good muscle pump during their workouts

Some do get a muscle pump by it’s only for a few minutes, and some don’t even get a muscle pump at all.

If you don’t know, working out without a muscle pump sucks.

But if you follow these 3 tricks, I promise you will get a perpetual pump that will make you look jacked and ripped way after your workout is already done.

#1: Use a full range of motion – For instance: When squatting, instead of just dropping to the 90 degrees mark… go all the way down. This will allow you to activate all the muscle that was never reached from the regular 90 degree squat. You’ll instantly notice a much more intense pump, strength and even produce a greater amount of FAT BURN.

#2: Drink a lot of waterUp to 90% of the human body’s blood supply is made up of water. So it only makes sense to take in a ton of water to pump more blood into our muscle right!

This is a little trick I do… I’ll drink 4 full cups of water about 20 minutes before training. And during training, I finish an entire gallon of water.  

If you’re not ready to chug down that much water. Start with just 2 cups water prior to training and half a gallon during.

Trust me, you feel a huge difference.

#3: Take a hardcore pre-workout supplement – A good pre-workout will not only help you get a crazy ass pump, it also help you stay focused and give you the energy you need to blast through any workout with easy.

But there’s only one problem…

I’ve tried all types of pre-workouts, but none of them gave me exactly what I was looking for… the pump, the mental concentration, and the physical energy to help me fight through my intense workouts.

That’s why I’ve gone for a pre- work that would do all that — Afterburn Fuel.

With Afterburn Fuel, I’ve noticed a huge increase in my body’s muscularity, and more excitingly is that my abs are getting even more ripped.

So if you want to experience the ultimate pump, do these 3 “GET PUMPED TRICKS” in your next workout.

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