Monster Mass Building Program by Mike Chang

by Lee Cork

Monster Mass by Mike Chang

Do you want to start building muscle fast?

Want to transform your weak body parts into your strong ones?

And do you want a ripped muscular body that will get you attention from women and respect from men?

If you do, then you are about to see a video that will completely change your life.

HERE IS WHY: It’s Called Monster Mass!

Hundreds of thousands of normal guys who have the same desire as you have already made their dreams into reality. All these guys have taken their skinny, fat or out of shape bodies to muscular and shredded physiques in just a few months.

monster mass building muscle video


They tapped into a new, strange style of training that has astonished everyone in the fitness world. It is called MONSTER MASS.

It’s the most unique and the absolute fastest way to generate rapid lean muscle growth throughout your entire body.

Monster mass creator Mike Chang credits its program to a flawless muscle building technique called monster sets which will be explained in a minute. Using himself as a test subject Mike Change was able to go from this to this.

My buddies and I, we’ve put together the most powerful, the most effective exercises for burning fat, burning a lot of calories and building muscles.

Mike Chang is the No 1 most subscribed trainer on YouTube, he has helped millions of guys just like you all around the world get the best shape of their lives and in this video your going to see how Mike was able to pack on muscle with monster set even though he has terrible muscle building genetics and you’ll learn exactly how you can get the lean, ripped and muscular body you want by using monster set as well.

The problem with old and outdated bodybuilding routines is that they require you to bulk up and pack on a ton of ugly, flabby looking fat for months and months at a time and after it’s all said and done you’re left with very little muscle growth and on top of that it’s usually covered up by layers of unnecessary fat.


It has because as you pack on more and more harmful body fat also known as Adipose Tissue your body becomes comfortable and accustomed to holding on to this high percentage of fatty tissues and develops what is called FAT MEMORY.

Just like guys who used to work out and can build muscle back fast due to MUSCLE MEMORY your body does the same with fat, and the terrible thing is that fat memory is nearly impossible to erase.

The first reason is, as you bulk up and start carrying a larger amount of fat, your body also starts making more fat cells and fat cells do not ever go away, you can shrink them down to a smaller size but they are there forever.

Your chances of gaining fat are permanently higher than someone who didn’t bulk up with traditional body building routines.

The second reason is because your body thinks it needs to use fat to protect your vital organs and as emergency fuel for when energy levels are low and to get your body to release your fat you pretty much have to fight for years against your body’s primal survival instinct to trick it into letting go of the fat, no one has years to waste and like I said before this is nearly impossible to do and as time passes and you continue to pack on more fat from these traditional bodybuilding workouts, the large amount of fat you gain grow exponentially and even become permanent.

Just look at power lifters and the world strongest man contest, they are loaded with fat everywhere especially on their bellies. Take my word for it you do not want to look like that and that’s not even the worst part.

If you bulk up with traditional bodybuilding routines you’ll eventually have to spend time cutting down if you want to lose all that fat and reveal the muscle underneath.

But because traditional bodybuilding routines cause you to gain so much fat and because fat is locked in with fat memory it takes a long time to lose it so you’ll have to go through months and months of grueling dieting and at the end of the diet, you’ll have lost a lot of the muscle you gained in the first place.

Many guys do all that work and actually end up looking worse, no wonder gaining is so frustrating to most guys and if you’ve tried and failed to gain muscle before it’s not your fault, you were just using these outdated methods of bulking which make it nearly impossible for normal guys like you to gain muscle.

But there is good news, using Mike Chang’s monster set technique you can build rock hard muscle fast without packing on the fat, this way you can start developing muscle memory which can keep you ripped and muscular permanently.

The monster set training technique will help you build muscle no matter what your age, weight, height or current fitness level is right now.

Mike has worked with the most elite professional fitness trainers, gurus and physique models to perfect the most effective muscle building technique specifically for the monster mass program.

The monster mass program utilizes a series of 8 customized monster workouts to target extreme muscle cell generation so you produce radical muscle growth. Each monster mass workout is based on a revolutionary training technique called monster set.

Monster sets incorporate a multi-set zero rest system using opposing muscle groups or JUXTAPOSITIONING. These sets are designed to rapidly expand and dramatically increase muscle and plasma volumization by forcing enormous amounts of blood into the muscle being targeted, this is known as a HYPER-PUMP or in scientific terms HYPEREMIA.

During the monster set you will actually reach extreme hyperemia levels so your muscles will be regenerating and recovering at an abnormally rapid speed.

This will result in you having greater strength, fullness and allow you to quickly increase your muscle size but that’s not all. Monster set also stimulates THERMOGENESIS an effect that converts fat cells into energy while you’re building muscle, you’ll absolutely be burning fat. Monster sets require you to alternate between multiple high-intensity sets that target opposing muscle groups with very limited recovery.

This type of training is designed to maximize energy expenditures for muscle building fuel.

Also check out Afterburn fuel supplement by Mike Chang here.

To put it in simple terms, when you train with monster sets your body fats is being used as fuel for your workout so you can build muscle but the craziest part is that you will  be burning fat even after you’re done working out and that essentially means that it is impossible  for you to hold on to extra fat because your body is constantly burning off extra fat as fuel for muscle growth.

So not only will we have fuel for building muscle mass from the foods you eat you’ll also have a secondary form of fuel from fat to build muscle at a rapid speed and this is the unique training principle that eliminates any possibilities of creating “FAT MEMORY”


These key training techniques will help you finally get the body you’ve been dreaming about and soon the only way to access this incredibly effective program will be through a fitness club that will ask you for a minimum of $300 a month, that’s around $3600 a year and even though that might sound a bit much wouldn’t it be worth it if it gave you the well defined muscular body you’ve always wanted?

And you can finally stand confident and get all the attention and respect you knew you always deserved?


Even if this program did nothing but help you get a muscular body, wouldn’t it be worth that amount of money?


And what if this system gave you the confidence to transform your life all because you’re finally in the best shape that you’ve ever been in, wouldn’t that be worth the investment?

You don’t have to take my word for it, see what guys like you are saying about this extraordinary muscle building system!

Johnson Lee

Johnson Li Monster Mass Review“Hey am Johnson Lee from Huston Texas is 32 years old and I did the monster mass program and gained 40 pounds of muscle.

I mean it’s awesome, you can see all these, this is all real, oh Mike I got to show you this, this is crazy, you got to see my legs and look at how much muscle I put up on my legs and that was actually my worse body part and now some of my worse body part are my key points.

Before doing the monster mass program, I’ve tried everything out, all kinds of weird diet, bought DVD online, did all types of other workout and even got a personal trainer but I never saw the kinds of result I wanted and at the end of the day I would look at mirror and I would just see a skinny guy but after gaining all these muscle, people are asking me how did you  gain all these muscle, how did you do all of these.

Am recommending this to everybody cause I know it works.”


Adam Monster Mass“Hi Adam, I’m 24 years old and am from Houston Texas; ever since I started adding every of your monster sets into my routine I started making crazy gains just like you told me I would.

So with monster mass I gained roughly about 20 pounds of pure muscle while losing about 10 pounds of body fat.

Before starting monster mass I was doing your basic regular workout program, I wasn’t eating enough and I really wasn’t doing the right lifts but you changed all that with monster mass. These few muscles I’ve added on they started turning some heads and my dating life has been a lot more fun lately.

Mike is not only a trainer to a hundred of thousands of people, he started out as a very out of shape guy who struggled to get in the top physical shape he is in today, so it’s safe to say that Mike knows firsthand how tough and frustrating it can be to put more muscle on your body, that’s why Mike wants as many people as possible to get their hands on this program before a very powerful health club can get the rights to it.

I don’t want to mention any names but you can use your imagination.

These money driven club know they can exploit each person that is trying to gain muscle for thousands and thousands of dollars to give them the results this program has already proven to give, but if you take control and decide t act now, you won’t have to pay the $3600 not even the half of that.

You can get this program for a small investment of just $97 and just to assure that you will get your result at recorded time not only will you get the program at $97, you’ll also get 3 free muscle building accelerating bonuses if you take action right now.

First the monster mass diet will show you what to eat to pack on pack on lean muscle, you’ll have a muscle building eating guide  and you’ll learn the secret foods that spark instant muscle recovery and muscle growth, you’ll also get step by step meal preparation guides and customized healthy meals that are delicious, convenient and very low cost effective.

The second mass acceleration tool is 15 universal laws of mass building training course, this no nonsense training guide will give you the straight answers you need to get vein popping ripped muscles fast, you’ll learn the disastrous muscle building errors that could be holding you back and Mike will show you exactly how to correct yourself on the spot!

You’ll get the do’s and don’ts  that has been passed down from body building greats and gurus who would charge you thousands of dollars per hour just for a conversation and most importantly will give you a free 14 day membership buy advanced fitness coaching program.

This means you’ll be in Mike Chang’s inner circle and you’ll get direct access to mike and his elite team of trainers who are ready to answer  all your questions as they arise, you’ll also have unlimited access to Mike’s personal video files for getting in tip top shape for time sensitive events, you’ll learn Mike’s trick to look dramatically more muscular and defined great in just 5 days!

You’ll also learn about supplementation and skin tightening water manipulation techniques that most professional trainers have no knowledge of, you’ll have unlimited life time access to the monster mass program and the 3 muscle extol orated bonuses, these 3 bonus programs are currently sold for $467 but if you decide to become part of this monster mass team today and take full advantage of this very limited offer as a reader of this website you’ll get:

  • the monster mass building program,
  • the monster mass diet,
  • the 15 laws of mass building training course
  • and a 14 day free membership to Mike’s advanced fitness coaching program for a promotional offer of only $97 for EVERYTHING.

Take control of your life and get the body you want today by clicking on the link below:

monster mass by mike chang

Buy Monster Mass Today click Here and get all these Bonuses!

A Personal Message From Mike Chang Creator Of Monster Mass:

Mike ChangWhat ‘sup guys this is Mike Chang, am sure by now the monster mass program sounds the perfect muscle building program for you but just to show you that I am a 100% confident that this is the best system  for packing on lean raw muscle, I’m going to make this a very easy decision for you.

So not only do I want you to feel confident that my program is exactly what you’re looking for, I want you to feel completely safe and protected and that’s why am giving you my personal 100% money back guarantee.

So that means for whatever reason in the next 60 days if you’re not completely thrilled about your amazing results or if your just tired of listening to my voice just email or if you feel more comfortable you can contact me and speak to one of our live customer service representative to get a 100% full refund.

And the best part is that getting started is extremely easy, with just in a few simple clicks you’ll be on your way to getting your first and most intense muscle mass workout and in a few short weeks you’ll start noticing some exciting changes on your body, bigger arms, fuller chests, wider shoulders and the foundation of a muscular ripped v-shaped body that you’ve always wanted.

You deserve the body, the attention and most importantly, you deserve the respect your new muscles will get you but the only way you’ll achieve that respect is by acting on your gut feelings right now and I know that by now you’ve that gut feeling telling you that it’s very important to have that muscular body that you desire, how do I know?, because I was there, I had that same exact feeling before and I took action that day and now I’m here helping others change their life.

REAL USER: Justin Douglas

monster mass review“Hey my name is Justin Douglas, am 26 years old; I am from a small town called Liberty Texas and with the muscle mass program I’ve actually gained 20 pounds of muscle, take a look for yourself.

Before monster mass I tried all kinds of programs

I’ve tried working out with a buddy, I tried a whole bunch of diets that I found online, I tried just eating crazy and none of that actually worked for me until I got the monster mass program, that when I was able to see gains.”

By the first month of following your workout and your nutrition plan I’ve actually gained 8 pounds of solid muscle. I definitely recommend Mike Chang as a trainer.”


Mike ChangSo click the link below so you can start training with me.

I’m going to get you the body that you want and rightfully deserve.

Now I can tell that you are serious about building the body that you want, now am not going to lie to you, it’s going to take some handwork but it would all be worth it at the end when you are able to flex your muscles and you can actually feel the work that you have put into this ripped muscular body that you built on your own.

No one is going to do this for you, only you can create that body that you know that you’ve always wanted deep inside and the only way to get that is by getting started now, not tomorrow, not a week from now, you have to start today.

Every minute, everyday and every month that you wait puts you further away from having the body that you want and also living that new life full of respect and attention and signing up and committing to this program is actually the easiest part of your journey.

So click the link below right now and join me and the hundreds and thousands on the muscle mass team who used to be just like you and have already built a body of their dreams.

monster mass by mike chang

Click here to access the Monster Mass Program

Take this one time offer and make your dream real, get that ripped muscular body you want as fast as possible.

Join  the hundreds of thousands of people who have gotten in the best shape of their life with monster mass.

Mike Chang will see you in the first video when you begin your training!

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