How To Make Healthy Protein Bars

by Lee Cork

How To Make Healthy Protein Bars at Home That taste Great!

Here is a very simple recipe to make healthy Home Made protein bulking bars.home made best protein bars

Some people seem to have trouble getting a caloric surplus no matter what they do.

These healthy protein bars are perfect for them.

It’s also great for people whose job is manual, strenuous labor and they just don’t have time to eat meals.

These bars are quick to eat and they provide a blast of high quality protein, long lasting complex carbs for energy and a dose of good fats, too.  

Not only are they healthy, they taste like candy bars and the best thing is you can make them at home in five minutes.

They only cost about 1/10th as much as purchased protein bars or bulking products.  

This recipe is really easy; there’s only four ingredients.  You put in the exact same amount of each ingredient so it’s really easy to remember.

The foundation is our complex carbs, rolled oats.  

For protein we have dry milk.

For more protein and good fats we have the natural peanut butter.

For sweetener we have honey.

Again, it’s really easy to remember.

You put in the same weight of each product.

So you put in a pound of milk, a pound of peanut butter, a pound of oats, and a pound of honey or if you’re in Europe, you put in a kilogram of oats, a kilogram of dry milk; you get the idea.

It’s easy.  We’re going to start by mixing the peanut butter, honey, and cocoa together.

Now it’s best a bit warm, you don’t want it out of the refrigerator because it will be too tough to mix up.  Our honey and our cocoa.

I like it really chocolatey; put in as much as you want and mix that up.

Now you need a sturdy spoon to do this.  It makes a bit of a mess but who cares.

Cocoa powder is just chocolate with the fat taken out.

There’s nothing like real chocolate; all of those ingredients are natural.

So, we have pure chocolate, honey, natural peanut butter, milk and oats.  The protein bars you buy at the store do not have good ingredients like this.  

Now we’re going to take the nonfat milk and mix it in.

We might have to add a little water to this but we’re not going to do until the last minute.

Actually, we’re going to add a little water to make this easier.

You don’t want to add too much water though because if you end up with a gooey mess, it’s not going to work.  We’ll talk about that more in a bit.

Let’s get all of our nonfat milk mixed in there.

The tough part is when you mix the oats in.

Now, we’re going to mix the oats in.

The trick is we’re going to add a little water but only enough to make it mix up and wet everything.  We don’t want it runny.

We’ll see how this goes here.

Now, I’ve used the 5-minute oats here, you might prefer the 1-minute quick oats, the texture is a little finer.

Now about the right consistency.  You want it really firm, you don’t want it runny or goopy so this is about right.

Now we’re going to line a pan with wax paper and put the goo in so it’s a little easier to get out.

Spread out the wax paper once you have the goo in to hold it down.

You’ll see why the wax paper is important in a bit.

Now what we’re going to do is we’re going to take another piece of  wax paper and put it on top and squish it down and if you want, roll it nice and flat with a can.

Then we’re going to put this in the fridge to solidify.

Preferably, you’ll get it squished down well because it’s going to make cutting it easier; it’ll be a nice solid bar if you get it squished really well here.

So get it nice and squished and pull off the wax paper, you don’t want that getting stuck.

Now, put it in the fridge and then we’ll cut this up tomorrow.  That’s all there is to it; my healthy home made protein bars.  

We don’t always have time to eat especially those who work intense, physical jobs or go to school.  Put these in your locker or lunchbox and you can eat them on the go.

Awesome energy, quick protein, good fats, complex carbs for energy.  Eat them and enjoy.

I love protein bars; it’s all I eat.  Just a reminder, you can’t get muscular just by eating a lot of food.

If you eat a lot of these bulking bars, you’re going to end up fat just like cons’ here.

It Gives you high quality protein and complex carbs!



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