How To Gain Muscle Weight

1 Highly Effective Tip To Gain Muscle Weight

In this Blog post I’m going to show you one simple tip that is a super useful tip on how to gain muscle weight.How to gain muscle weight

This is actually a tip that I used to do all the time back in my days when I used to try to put on more size.

Okay?  So, here it goes.

The one simple tip that shows you how to gain muscle weight is actually to eat FASTER!

You want to practice eating your food faster.

It sounds kind of weird like how does this have to do with anything and really it directly, directly helps you gain more muscle weight.  

So, when you’re eating faster, number one, if you’re skinny then one of the problems you’re running into and a major one is you’re not eating enough food.

A lot of times I have guys, I have friends who are skinny and we work with guys who are also skinny, I see them and they’ll take a full meal.

They’ll start to eat about maybe half of it or they take a couple bites here and there and just kind of leave it there and go back to their work.  They’ll come back, eat maybe another one bite, and then afterwards they kind of lose their appetite and they don’t want to eat anymore.

Gain Muscle Weight

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It might have gone cold or it’s not as fresh anymore.

So, you want to be able to eat faster because this way, number one, you’re able to consume all the food in front of you that you have and not have your stomach feel full as fast.

Your stomach usually takes about 20 – give or take – to go ahead and feel full.

During this 20 minutes you want to go ahead and put it down as fast as you can.  

Imagine if you could eat your entire meal in let’s say… 5 minutes or less.

Number one: it’s going to be tough for you or someone to go ahead and get full right away. I mean, you’re going to feel it but it’s your appetite will still be strong.

Number two: if you need to go ahead and eat more food….  Imagine, right now, if you’re eating a fistful of food and now you’re trying to gain muscle weight so you gotta eat more.  You know that so now you need to eat two fistfuls of food.

So, if you don’t have an appetite as often and you’re eating and you’re having problems finishing your meals as it is right now, imagine when you have to eat double the amounts.

It only makes logical sense to go ahead and eat faster because you’re not going to spend all your day eating, constantly eating and eating and eating because you probably got work and you’ve got school and you’ve got other responsibilities you’d rather be doing than to sit at a table and just continuously eat.

So, you want to eat your food as fast as you can.

Another reason why this helps a lot is because not only do you need to eat more food than which you are currently eating right now, per meal, to gain muscle weight but also you need to eat more often.

So, if you are only eating, let’s say, two or three times a day, in order to really gain muscle weight you need to eat almost about every two hours.  So that means you need to eat like six times a day.

So now imagine if you are spending 10 minutes or 20 minutes eating a smaller meal and now you have to eat a bigger meal and now you have to double the frequency of eating, you’re just going to find yourself eating all day long.

I’ve never met a skinny guy that likes to eat all day long. Why?  If they did do that, they wouldn’t be skinny.

So, eating fast would allow you to go ahead and put these meals down faster so you can get on with the day and also you won’t spend so much time eating.  

You can spend other times doing other things you like.

How to gain weight fast

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Well, there is a downfall about eating really fast and people are probably going to comment on it and tell me, this is what’s going to happen.

Well, as you know, your digestive process, your mouth is the first process, right?  It’s part of your digestive system.

So, if you’re eating really fast, a lot of times you are not chewing as much.  

I forgot what it was but I think you’re supposed to chew like 20 times or you’re supposed to chew your food a certain amount of times before swallowing it down so this way your stomach doesn’t have to do as much work.

Well, number one and I’ll be totally honest with you guys, I’ve been eating superfast pretty much my entire life ever since I was a kid and now I sill eat fast.  I don’t chew my food… I chew it but not like you’re supposed to.

Honestly, if your stomach has to work a little harder to digest food, if you’re weighing that versus helping you gain more muscle weight, you decide which one’s more important for you.

For your stomach to go ahead and have a nice time digesting everything and digesting everything properly or gaining more muscle weight because you’re able to put down more and more food, faster? You decide.

Honestly, I would go with gaining more muscle weight.  

Eating faster would allow you to go ahead and increase your appetite, put down more food, and overall be more happy with yourself because you’re able to put on the size, put on the muscle, and put on the weight.

So, no more being skinny.  So, I hope these tips on how to gain muscle weight help you out.

tips to gain muscle weight

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