How To Burn Belly Fat

by Lee Cork

Let’s talk about exactly how to burn your belly fat.

And I think a lot of people are confused because they think, you know, working on abs or doing a lot of workouts is gonna go ahead and burn your belly fat.

I want you to think about our bodies. The muscles on our body is basically like the horsepowers in a car. The engine.

And the fuel of our body is the fat.

Fat on our body is like gasoline in a car.

When we go ahead and work our muscles, our muscles need fuel.

So it uses fuel, or fat on your body, or calories, which extra calories turn into fat. So it’s all the same thing. So basically the whole idea is, if on a car, if the bigger engine car burns more gasoline, then what does that say about out bodies? Same thing.

A bigger, a body with more muscle is gonna burn more calories and burn more fat.

So how do you want to get rid of your belly fat? Well think about this.

When you have two guys, if you have guy number one, he has 100 pounds of muscle and he needs to burn 20 pounds of fat.

Guy number two has 200 pounds of muscle and he needs to burn 20 pounds of fat.

Which guy do you think will burn more fat?

The guy with 100 pounds of muscle or the guy with 200 pounds? The guy with 200 pounds. He can burn more fat and FASTER.

Can the other guy burn 20 pounds of fat? Absolutely. But it’s gonna take him a lot longer.

Just like a smaller car can still burn 100 gallons of gasoline, but it’s gonna take a lot longer.

So next time if you’re wondering why you have to do some much more cardio and so much workouts and spend so much time and you only burn a little bit, that’s the reason why.

Because you body doesn’t have enough muscle.

You’re basically like a small car. You can still eventually get the results that you want, but it takes such a long time.

And unless you wanna spend hours and hours everyday spinning your wheels to try to burn some fat, you wanna do it faster and more efficient.

So what you need to do is build more muscle. So next time that you’re working ons quats, next time that you’re doing a push up, next time you’re bicep curl, just remember the muscles that you’re building on your body is responsible for burning your belly fat.

Not just your abs. Your abs is a muscle, obviously. But it’s such a small muscle on your body compared to everything else.

So remember, especially your legs. Guys that don’t like to work on your legs.

Work on your Legs To Burn Fat

I didn’t like to work on my legs before but once I realized that working on your legs can burn your belly fat, guess what? Now I don’t miss leg days.

Because every time I work on my legs, my belly fat leans down. Okay. You burn more calories.

So don’t forget that. Muscle burns fat. You wanna burn your belly fat? You gotta build more muscle.

So here are the criteria that you need to follow when it comes to working out.

  • Number one. Make sure you work out anywhere from about four to about five days a week.
  • Number two. Your workouts should be anywhere form about 20 minutes to about 45 minutes long.
  • Number three. Make sure that your rest times are only about 30 seconds between sets.

This way you’re actually doing work and not sitting around just twiddling you thumb.

  • And number four. Don’t spend more than five minutes a day in abs. And I’m gonna repeat that. Don’t spend more than five minutes.

Why? Because your abs, by doing ab exercises for a six pack, doesn’t burn your belly fat because you’re only working that small area of muscle.

Work on, that’s why you spend the rest of the time working on the other muscles. Okay. Because those other muscles are the muscles that will burn your fat.

  • One more tip. When you’re doing exercises, do compound exercises. Compound exercises involve multiple muscle groups.

For example. If I’m doing, if I’m doing a squat, right. A squat is a compound exercise. Why?

Because I’m squatting down, working my quads, working my hamstrings, working my gluts, using my back.

So this is using multiple muscle groups.

So remember, if you only, if you’re doing a leg extension, you’re sitting there and you’re only doing this, you’re only doing a one part of your leg.

That’s like a car with 500 horsepower but you’re only using 50 horsepower.

Well guess what? Your still not gonna burn much gas, right.

You have to go ahead and use the entire 500 horsepower if you wanna burn a lot of gas. Same thing with your exercises.

When you’re using your muscles and activating and using those muscles, you have to do exercises that involve multiple muscle groups.

The more muscle groups it involves and it activates, the more calories, then the more fat it’s gonna burn. So don’t forget that.

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