How To Bulk Up Secret From Ben Pakulski

by Lee Cork

Here is an Article we stumbled across that was written by IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski about how to bulk up and one BIG Secret, it’s fantastic and if you want to know what it takes to bulk up for Muscle mass, we highly recommend you read it.

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Ben Pakulski

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How To Bulk Up Secret From a PRO

The muscle building secret I’m going to talk about right now is only for those who want results…

If you want the absolute fastest muscle gains possible, without getting fat, then here’s what you need to do…

To Bulk Up You need to track your NUMBERS…

Tracking progress is one of those absolutely essential things that NO ONE does.

And trust me, I know it can be a pain…

But without tracking progress, without knowing concrete numbers and facts, you’re guessing and your results aren’t predictable or even likely for that matter.

When I’m preparing for a show, or when I’m working with my top paying clients, it’s just not acceptable to limit myself to “guesswork” and looking at pics and hoping we’re on the right track.…

Pics are cool, but I need exact numbers and factual stats that I can examine to ensure were on the fast track. (And yes, these stats exist)

I don’t have time to waste guessing and neither should you.

I have to know precisely when it’s time to switch gears to keep myself and my clients moving forward as quickly as humanly possible…

The difference between 12% body fat, and 10% body fat, or even one inch on my waist isn’t accurately distinguishable in a photo, but you better believe it could make a large difference in the hormonal profile of my body and therefore my results… and yours!

Obviously, I’m only one person.

I can only help so many people personally with the hours available to me each day.

I wanted to make my research and formula available to more people… so I’ve narrowed down my calculations to a fool-proof formula capable of telling you exactly when you need to switch from a “bulking” cycle to a “cutting”  or reset cycle and back again for maximum progress.

Curious about how this formula works?

It takes into consideration these critical factors…

1) Insulin sensitivity
2) Waist circumference.
3) Bodyfat percentages
4) Water retention
5) Body weight

These are all factors I explain in detail in my Incredible Bulk system here.

I no longer have to wonder if I’m eating and training right to put on maximum muscle without gaining fat, whether it be ME,  or my clients.

This formula tells me exactly when to switch between what I call a “Growth” phase and “Reset” phase.

No doubt we’ve both heard of cyclical bulking approaches and systems over the years. But they all used fixed time periods to cycle between bulking and cutting. They were all over the place — from bulking periods as short as 2 weeks, all the way up to 4-6 months.

How the heck are we supposed to know what to do? …Guess?

I remember being so confused about how to bulk up…..

Logically, I wanted to gain AS MUCH muscle as possible, so I stayed on a bulk a really long time. Little did I know, I was actually reversing my muscle gains by killing my hormonal profiles AND getting FAT at the same time. I hated the results. It feels cool to be big, but being fat sucks.

Whether you’re natural or enhanced, the only thing that matters is HOW your body uses hormones, not HOW MUCH you can cram in.

Very much the same as food.  Hopefully you guys are starting to see the big picture now.

We need to get your body working like a fine tuned machine and maximizing every last drop of your potential.

Everything depends on how YOUR body reacts…

Which is why I think the ONLY system that is right is a personalized system like this one.

It completely removes doubt and nagging worries like…

– “should I keep bulking?”
– “should I stop cutting?”
– “am I maximizing my gains?”
– “am I gaining too much fat and shutting down my anabolic hormones?”
-“am I permanently affecting my hormone levels?”

These are ALL legitimate questions that deserve intelligent and methodical answers.

If you’d like access to the done-for-you bulking system based on my data and experimentation. Then I am making it available to my most committed students at a very low “beta tester” price until tonight, midnight. Its called The Incredible Bulk Click Here.

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