Clean Bulk Diet

by Lee Cork

What Is A Clean Bulk Diet?

Athletes get the opportunity to improve on certain parts of their game when the season is on break and this usually includes hitting the gym to gain some strength and size, especially for bodybuilders as they try to gain bulk.

Bulking has evolved from what it used to be some ten to twenty years ago as fitness experts have continued to look for better and more effective ways of gaining muscles.

The major difference can be attributed to the nutritional approach used in the different bulking types, which has led to the concepts of clean bulk and dirty bulk.

Dirty Bulk

Before fitness and health experts started to make efforts on bulking, there was really no strategy or science guiding the concept with the basic idea being to consume as much as possible.

This meant that there was no restriction on the kind of foods to eat, regardless of the quality of the food nutrients.

This subsequently led to obesity even among bodybuilders with the level of their body fat and blood pressure shooting up.

Clean Bulk

Clean bulk on the other focused on eating healthier foods even as one tries to build the muscles of the body.

Here, close attention is paid to what you eat, allowing for a healthier and more ideal body weight and physique.

The popularity of clean bulk has subsequently given rise to the development of modern bodybuilding techniques targeted at strength building through smart training protocols as opposed to the use of excess calories for strength building.

While clean bulk does not question the importance of excess calories to bodybuilding, the source of these calories are being questioned.

This is in addition to the right timing of the supply of such nutrients like protein, carbs, and fat to the body, to get maximum results.

One benefit of clean bulk identified by fitness experts is the ease of dieting down, compared to dirty bulk.

Foods like peanut butter, whole egg, egg white, orange juice, rye toast, chicken breasts, banana, and other healthy sources of carbs, proteins, and fat make up a clean bulk diet.

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