5 Crazy Simple Muscle Building Tips I picked up From Arnold Schwarzenegger!

by Lee Cork

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Tips

Arnold is my all time favorite bodybuilder and movie star.

I remember I used to watch this bodybuilding documentary called “Pumping Iron” every day before I went to the gym. Even though it was just a movie, it actually taught me a lot about weight training and muscle building.

Before I bore you guys about how much I love Arnold Schwarzenegger, here are the 5 crazy muscle building tips I learned from him.

  • Chase the “pump”: Arnold spoke about the pump as if it were the most important thing when it comes to working out.  He compared the muscle pump as to air filling a balloon, and he spoke in detail about how great the sensation of the pump actually feels.  So ever since then, I would do anything I could to get the craziest pump possible during every workout.  The cool part is, I actually found out how to get the most intense pump ever during every training session, and it’s only a 15 second trick you can do quickly before every workout.

Try it out, you’re going to feel the pump the very first time you try it.

So check out my 15 second trick to the most intense muscle pump.

  • It’s okay to train until you throw up or faint: So I use to get a sick feeling every time I worked out legs, I would get woozy and end up cutting my workout short. But in Pumping Iron, Arnold said that it’s actually ok to faint and throw up. In fact he said he has done it plenty of times and that he would just get up and continue training.  That’s pretty hardcore and it really showed me what true intensity really was.

If I threw up in a gym, I would just leave… there’s no way i’m cleaning that up HAHA.

  • Train your muscle with your mind. Yes! It’s a real thing. In order to really train each muscle properly, you’ve got to really think about contracting that muscle and making sure you’re doing everything possible to attack it, to make it grow.

Most guys simply throw weights up and down and never get the full potential out of their workouts, and waste their time. So think about what you’re doing, think about the mind and muscle connection.

  • Set visual goals of what you want to look like: Arnold Schwarzenegger used to take pictures of himself and circle the areas on the picture that he wanted to improve. He would look at them everyday, so he was constantly encouraged to train those lagging muscles.  That was actually one of the reasons I started taking progress pictures every friday… I wanted to make sure I stayed on track.

Start posing in front of the mirror. Believe it or not, it’s actually pretty tough… and posing is also a very good workout because it develops muscle definition. If you don’t believe me, try flexing all your muscles in the mirror for 30 minutes, you’ll be dead tired.

I hope you give it a try because every time you flex, your contracting muscle fibers and developing muscle, just like when you’re working out. It’s not going to give you 20 inch arms, but it’ll help your muscles develop.

And if you want to know the 3 exercises I learned from Arnold Schwarzenegger to build a monster peak on my bicep, you can see it “RIGHT HERE”.

So get going and start pumping up those biceps like I did.

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